Ones To Watch: 2012

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Funny isn't it, when looking back on last years 'Ones To Watch' list and seeing what became of our picks. To be fair, we never said that they were going to take over the world and sell a million records, far from it in fact. What we are saying, though, is that an EP or album are expected from this talented lot in the forthcoming year. 

So while a great deal of great new artists / bands will no doubt appear from thin air throughout 2012, this is our list of acts we're tipping for good things rather soon. Lets us know your thoughts below.

King Krule

Perhaps representing his journey through adolescence, young Archy Marshall changed the name of his musical output this year. But, this is still a continuing progress from his Brit school roots as Zoo Kid  (see "Out Getting Ribs") in the very early parts of 2011.

Taken from his debut EP, "The Noose Of Jah City" was the first instalment from the the now adult, which we expect more material from in the not too distant.


The Guilford duo of Lucy Wilson & Nick Benton emerged out of the blue in July with two tracks, "Here To Me" & "Sleep". Both notably scuzzy, blindingly good shoegaze numbers.

Maybe 2013 will be the year they really progress, but this forthcoming year should see something new from them, and we cant wait to hear it.


Being ahead of the game has its flaws, you know. So in hindsight, putting Childhood on our ones to watch 2011 list was a bit premature. Give them a bit of time though, they are students after all.

By now you should be familiar with "Blue Velvet", but the four Nottingham / Londoners have a whole lot more ammunition up their sleeves. Expect a single release soon, and read a little more about the band in our interview, here.

Bos Angeles

As debuts go, "Beach Slalom" - which we included in our 'Tracks of 2011' mixtape - was nothing short of flawless. The rousing, grungy surf-pop track delivered the perfect teaser for things ahead. Lets not forget that these guys are awfully young, so do allow a little extra time to get their sound just right.

Our sources say that new material is coming early in the year, so perhaps not as long as was expected.


The electronic Philadelphian 'collective' Casual Sex, or CSLSX if you will, appeared on the scene in May with gargantuan track "Keep On Shining". The unorthodox 'collective' have remained quiet ever since, but my, if their future work is anything near the level that we've heard so far then you just know the wait is going to be worth it.

Word is that new material is imminent, baited breath and all, as they say.


Ever since the affectionate chimes of "Park Slope" rang we've been modestly hooked on the sound of NYC native Abadabad. "Indiana" is your next port of call if your not yet a fan. And for even more gorgeously laced guitar jams you may want to hit the Bandcamp page.

With many references to 'Watermelon Death Safari', which we take it is the debut album title, something big is a coming from these multi talented Brooklynites.


Kracken / Meke Menete / Youth / Money / Books. Whatever you want to call them, this media shy lot have undoubted talent in abundance.

Now, we're not saying Money will be huge commercially, they may even change their name next week, who knows? The Manchester group have tools to succeed on a more commercial level though, if they wish to at all, that is.


Catwalk have been causing many a blog wave since the jangling, steady indie tracks like "Please Don't Break Me" & "One By Words" first hit the scene.

From what we've heard, Nick Hessler and his band have finished their debut album. Which for us, is one of the most eagerly anticipated of 2012's first quarter.

Hoop Dreams

Forming the next generation of the ever reliable Captured Tracks label, the Virginia five piece came out with all guns blazing for debut track "Cross County Personal Record", or "XCPR".

Consequence of Sound are streaming a couple of new tracks (sounding great, obviously) which you can find here. Other than that you should check out our own questions and answers with the band, over this way.


The duo that are Alpines have caught our attention numerous times already this year, ever since their debut track "Drive" in fact.

Their classy 'night pop' style has set the tone for a full length debut which should be available before too long. And when that does come, don't be surprised to see them here there, and just about every where in between.


Dark, brooding, intriguing are just some of the adjectives you could use to describe Liverpool five piece Outfit. "Two Islands" (hear it in in our 'Tracks of 2011' mix) seems the perfect place to start for anyone wanting to familiarise themselves.

With their own headline UK tour ready for February, the band are hard at work (maybe as we type?) on a new EP to be released in the first half on 2012.

Tashaki Miyaki

With possibly the best band name amongst the indie sphere, you just knew that Tashaki Miyaki were destined for good things.

The Californian duo have such a well structured sound that its going to be interesting in itself to watch how they progress in the new year. With tracks like the one below, at least a question of quality wont be in doubt.

 Crushed Beaks

The duo of Alex Morris & Matt Poile make a mighty furious racket. But all this directed aggression makes Crushed Beaks one of the most anticipated guitar outfits in this very list.

"Close-Ups", from their debut single release, is perfect example of how they captivate an audience. It's going to be interesting to see what comes next, that's for sure.

Theme Park

With a hat tip to a reliable source, Theme Parks entrance into the blogosphere spread like wildfire. All with just cause, of course.

The Londoners come equipped with catchy rhythms, funky melodies and a fond likability. "Milk", "A Mountain We Love" & "Wax" were all reliable introductions. Oh, and they're pretty well equipped live too.

Other than perhaps CSS, there aren't many bands from Brazil that spring to mind. Young Colatina trio We Are Pirates seemed to appear out of no where back in November.

If debut track "Canyon" didn't convince you, then their impressive follow up "Running" should have done the trick. Expect a five track debut EP entitled 'Kids Practice' early in the new year.

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