Introducing: Childhood - Blue Velvet

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I came across this little gem of a band yesterday, needless to say I got in contact with the guys to find out a bit more. Leo from the band had this to say....

"Basically me and Ben met when we started University at Nottingham and decided to form a band over the summer."

"We recorded two demos, then recently recorded 'Blue Velvet' and have three more songs we are currently working on."

The two demo's were, 'Paper Wave' and 'Easy Bus'. Listen to 'Paper Wave' below.

Childhood - Paper Wave

The band are almost set for their live debut. Leo said, "At the moment we are working on the live set-up with a drummer and bass player in preparation for a show in London, in late December." Not too much travelling required when you hail from London in the first place.

Upon asking about future releases, Leo added that Childhood "also have plans for an EP release in a few months time."

The future could be bright for these guys and for now you can enjoy 'Blue Velvet' below....

Childhood - Blue Velvet

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