diana confession laurie king

DIANA "Confession" serves as another slice of rich and classy synth-pop and one of the spearheads of upcoming album, Familiar Touch.

chain wallet norway faded fight

Chain Wallet "Faded Fight" serves up a slice of sun-kissed jangle-pop a'la Wild Nothing at their brightest.

nick murphy chet faker fear less future classic

Nick Murphy "Fear Less" is the first outing in the post Chet Faker era and it's blown us and a lot of people out the water.


Black Marble "Frisk" comes straight off the back of "Iron Lung" and is set to feature on the October 14th release of It's Immaterial.

Vincent Cacchione of Caged Animals

Caged Animals "Wildflowers" is the first we've posted from the band since their 2011 track, "Teenagers In Heat".

exes dear home

Exes "Dear Home" follows up their stunning "Like You", and carries on with the soft-edged Purity Ring styling.

Photo by Vladimir Sichov

Berlin / London based swoonster Kam Khan (or Fake Laugh to us) has a new track for our ears today in the form of "I Made A Sound".

Doncat Western Easy Cowboy San Fran

Doncat "Western" has been sat in my reader for nearly a month but I'm finally around to spreading the wealth.

young summer fallout

Young Summer "Fallout" represents the third release from the Washington-based singer-songwriter's upcoming EP.