Photo by Simona Kessler

Been fairly inactive of late, but absolutely loving this new EP from Orchin so figured I'd give it a post. If anyone's interested, we've not really gone anywhere just finding the hours in the day to actively run a site like this scouring through drove and drove isn't exactly a quick task.

Danxia "Closer" comes from the Warrington-based quartet's self-titled EP, offering a hazey shoegaze trip from sedate to stirred.

hazel english control not going home

Hazel English "Control" signals a switch up in tempo and comes from her Never Going Home EP, set for release on October 7th through Marathon Artists and House Anxiety.

orchin one if ever simona kessler LA

Orchin "One" and "If Ever" come packaged in a stunning single, released back in August.

emma ruth rundle real big sky marked for death

Emma Ruth Rundle "Real Big Sky" comes as one of the stand-out tracks from her current album Marked For Death.

wall orange sweetest blue shoegaze

Wall Of Orange "Sweetest Blue" reminds me very much of Nothing's Guilty of Everything album in regards to its shoegaze tendencies and overall warming feel, which basically means its absolutely stunning.

team picture leeds classic m

Team Picture "Classic:M" offers up a seismic proportion of fuzz-rock, showcasing the Leeds natives in all their glory.

bat or london paris A Place

Bat Or "A Place" serves as the London based Parisians' latest track with an upcoming EP in the works.

vallens toronto consent

Vallens "Devour" offers up a sensual slice of Lynchian, Twin Peaks OST vibes and features on the band's current Hand Drawn Dracula album Consent.