It's been absolutely ages since we last posted. We've been messing about with all sorts amid half-hearted aims of coming back. We've got a refined layout now and could maybe do with taking a leaf out of the book of Leeds natives ACTOR and get to the point.


It's been ages since we posted and ages since we last heard MOTHXR, previously Mother. They're back with new track "Touch" and it take a slight side-step from previous work.

Couldn't possibly miss an opportunity to post the video for one of our favourites songs so far this year now could we. Youth Lagoon aka Trevor Powers, unveils the new video for "The Knower".


Dream-pop is one of those genres that's dieing of death, everything is dieing of death isn't it? If you want to see how dream-pop should be done to keep it "alive" then Day Wave's "You Are Who You Are" is the best place to go at the minute.


We've been missing (again) for a bit and so we missed out on the stupidity of "Boys Life" but now Small Black have unveiled their Best Blues album via - now letting us embed - NPR.

Denmark's LISS are now ready to unveil their debut double-a side single to feature first track "Try" and now this absolute scorching slice of individual creativity called "Always".

"Creepy" is the debut single from up and coming LA group Oyster Kids and if you didn't want the summer to end quite yet, then this is going to be right down your street.

Forgive us for not mentioning London's Pumarosa sooner. Their new track "Priestess" is quite a 'thing' for a relatively new act, and that's a simmering, moody seven minute journey complete with brooding horns and all (2015 has been the year of the horn, I might add). 

Love this debut track 'Brutal' from new Sheffield four-piece Thee Mightees. It's not that surprising really, given that they feature members of Best Friends and The Hipshakes (nice one SSN).