makthaverskan luxury run for cover III in my dreams

Makthaverskan first and last featured on the site back in early 2015 and now return with a slightly more chilled yet equally angsty "In My Dreams".

Photo: Tom Gaiger

London's Wyldest unveil "-45" to feature on their upcoming Hitchhiker EP.

Alice Glass returns with "Without Love", two years on from first effort "Still Birth".

lowtide alibi

Melbourne's Lowtide unveil "Alibi", another typically aerated shoegaze anthem perfect for these warm yet cloudy days.

surf rock dead as if

We've not mentioned much on Surf Rock is Dead since 2015 but they're set to release their We Have No Friends? EP and "As If" is a sampling of what we've got to come.

horrors something rememeber me by

The Horrors return with "Something To Remember Me By", the second track to come from their upcoming album, V.

sloan peterson joe jackson rats

Out of months and months of catch-up,
Sloan Peterson's garage-rock juggernaut "Rats" has to be the single most stand-out track of the lot.

yumi zouma december

Yumi Zouma return with "December" the first track to be heard from their upcoming Willowbank LP.

purity ring asido megan james

Purity Ring drop "Asido", as yet un-attached to any long length release but were naturally thrilled regardless.