New Artist: Carousels - Here To Me/Sleep

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We haven't really featured many "new" as in, 'not heard by hardly anyone' bands in a while. Other than all those wispy chillwavey (yes I know it's not a word) synth bands we keep hearing all about. They're great but sometimes you just want some more meat on your bone. Carousels have that in abundance.

Carousels are, Nick Benton and Lucy Wilson. They're set to make their live debut at The Old Blue Last in October.

Onto the music now and starting with "Here To Me" were hit with straight up buzz saw distortion which sits nicely as an intro and carries on from there.

We're then surprisingly led into more Balearic vibes (can't seem to get away from them) but it's not a bad thing as Carousels prove that both can work together, sounding like a more lo-fi, dirty, Primal Scream. This is the sole factor which drew me to Carousels. The bands vocals sit nicely and prove a much needed calming factor.

"Sleep" is more of an energetic number, leaning a lot more on the vocals, drum beat and catchy guitar riffs. Give them a listen below.

*EDIT - Hear Carousels in our Certified New Mixtape for July.