New Artist: Abadabad - Park Slope (I'm Sorry)

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Does Brooklyn ever sleep? Apparently not, so here is the latest from the indie DIY machine, a new artist by the name of Abadabad (A-Bad-A-Bad yeah?).

Emotive harmonies and simple yet heartfelt cords make "I'm Sorry" so infectious, with Mr.Bad singing of getting back to Park Slope - which according to Wikipedia: (sorry, we're English): 'Park Slope is a neighborhood in the western section of Brooklyn' - so that he can hold someones hand. It's future classic, and if there is one guarantee we make today it's that you will not be able to play this song just the once. Guaranteed.

The bar is set high with expectation, until we hear nes of more you can admire "I'm Sorry" below (+ free download too).

Abadabad -  Park Slope (I'm Sorry)

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