New Music: Wise Blood - Penthouse Suits

23:57:00 Wayne 0 Comments

After making waves with "Loud Mouths" last year, Wise Blood, aka Chris Laufman, lets loose another track from his forthcoming EP (see below).

"Penthouse Suits" is a different entity to the previous material we've heard. Subtle and less fuzzy doesn't necessarily mean thats its a negative. Its yet more more strings to an already impressive bow. And besides, when your performances are like this:

... Then you need a well earned break before stirring some shit up again. 

"I'm shooting for the moon, landing with the stars shouldn't be very hard". Its the subtle moans in the chorus of the track the make it so affectionate, capping the whole thing off nicely. 

Wise Blood - Penthouse Suites

Find Wise Blood touring the US with Friendly Fires (dates)These Wings EP is out on August 2nd via Dovecote.