New Artist: We Are Pirates - Canyon

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Made up of three friends from Colatina, Brazil, youngsters We Are Pirates sent us over their debut track "Canyon" a little earlier.

Seemingly so simple in its electro-pop structure,  Ricardo Vieira, João Paulo Dalla & Bruno Moreira have created a confident debut in "Canyon". It has an overwhelming likability to it, and not in a 'ohhh I'll be fucking sick of this by the time its getting played in Topshop' type of way either. The change of key at 2.15 was enough to make my mind up. I like this, and so should you.

They have this little bio available also:

"Looking for beautiful melodies on lost synthesizers in a gloomy basement, combining with the simplicity of dirty and distorted tones, in 2011 the friends Ricardo Vieira, João Paulo Dalla e Bruno Moreira started out We Are Pirates. With pop melodies, outstanding drums, solid bass, the guitar filling and giving life to thrilling keybords, the production aims for the naturality of their members to use electronic and organic noises covering verses, often unconnected, as a way of revealing the world within their restless minds."

Listen and download "Canyon" for free below.

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  1. not much into electro-pop, but i really like this.