Introducing: Crushed Beaks - Close-Ups

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Emerging London two piece Crushed Beaks have a new video for what is (arguably) their best track to date, "Close Ups".

Now, seeing as though this is technically a 'new artist' post (although we're not the first to introduce them by any means), there should be a proper introduction of who Crushed Beaks actually are. Luckily there is a tidy bit of press work already in place, so here:

"Crushed Beaks are a duo from London, comprised of Alex Morris and Matthew Poile. Fuzzy walls of noise meld with pounding drums and swirling melodies to create a sound that is much larger than its constituent parts. Starting life as a bedroom project in 2010, they bonded over a shared love of Italian horror films, and a handful of hastily recorded demos quickly developed into a ferocious live show that always maintains a balance between noise and the melodies that underpin it. A few months ago they set to work recording in a church and a wendy house. Crushed Beaks will release their debut single ‘Close-Ups / Sun Dogs’ on Too Pure Records on 21st November 2011."

From a personal standpoint its "Close-Ups" that personifies Crushed Beaks so well. Raw, raucous, scuzzy and utterly addictive. Given time, you get the feeling that these guys will just keep on getting better and better.

The duo are playing The Old Blue Last on the 17th for a single release party, with the 7" being available to buy here via London label Too Pure.

The epileptic nightmare of a video was made by Ashton Lunn, needless to say its almost perfectly fitting. Watch it below.