New Artist: Blank Canvas - By The Fire / Golden

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Scottish lad's Blank Canvas, slap us in the chops with another dose of ever popular, indie/math pop.

The band consists of Callum Bolger, Daniel Mackay, Arran Rahimian and Douglas Bruce. They remind me (most likely everyone else who reads this) of bands like, Loose Talk Costs Lives and Toyger, who've taken huge influence from math popster's Foals, adding their own elements on the way.

Not a bad pathway to take, even if the genre's growing popularity is starting to filter the good from the bad. But with this in mind, maybe Blank Canvas will need to adopt a future strategy of 'It does what it says on the tin', allowing us to see some different styles on their apparently Blank Canvas.

Listen to the staunch aa side, "By The Fire"/ "Golden", which you can now buy from their bandcamp.