New Artist: Theme Park - Milk

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Credit where credit is due in Theme Park's case. We were a bit sceptical when this landed in the inbox but then again, we always are.

With Theme Park comes the obvious, deep breath now...... Holding back of information through the medium of digital convergence and simply chucking an audio or video track in there to build some hype because everyone loves a mystery. But who cares how blatant it is when the tracks are as good as these.

It's not solely the composition and melodies of their tracks which leave you yearning for that ever so British, migration to a sunny aisle. What captivates me is their vocal delivery, while being totally different, it leaves me hypnotised in a similar way to how Ellery Roberts of WU Lyf does.

The small bit of information we will give you, is that the band are a four piece consisting of two brothers and a further two friends. Living in Laaaaandan and writing songs since 2011.

Below is "A Mountain We Love" and free download "Milk". Enjoy.

Theme Park - Milk

Theme Park - A Mountain We Love