Introducing: MONEY - Letter To Yesterday

18:16:00 Wayne 0 Comments

So, is this simply another moniker of Méké Menété? To be honest we're kind of confused. These Manchester lot like to keep us guessing, that's for sure. 

All seems intertwined somehow through various YouTube interactions. From an account by the name of jamesjlee12 there are several videos. 2 by Méké Menété (including "Lonely, Sexy Death" which we brought you at the beginning the month), 3 more under the name of MONEY & another under KUNST, which we wont even care to get into at the minute. But the course remains throughout, all consisting of highly addictive, sparse, emotional car crashes. This guy cuts deep.

One of the comments reads: "Joseph Lucas has many identities."  - Not much use then if you dont know 'Jo' it seems.  But lets not stray from whats most important of course, the music. Be sure to watch the quite brilliant "Letter To Yesterday" and the more recent "Girls" below.