Ones To Watch: 2011

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Ok, last installment of the 'Best Of' series. We've already brought you our favourite Newcomers, Tracks and Albums from 2010. Now we bring you our tips for 2011.

Take a look through our list, and remember where you heard it first....


Colours smacked us in the face back in early November with 'Wise Woods', its heavy, broody and yet melodically sounding at the same time. Slowly gaining a reputation for their flawless live performances, keep your eyes peeled for more material as soon as we get it.



The unconventional sounds of the reclusive Vondelpark are something to admire. Without wanting to quote you know who, the term 'my beautiful dark twisted fantasy' seems more than apt. Yes, Vondelpark may have just released the Sauna EP but were looking forward to the full length version with this one.

Vondelpark - California Analog Dream


Solid Gold Dragons

For the record, 'Serious Lover' almost made the 'Best Tracks' of the year list. The debut track from the multi-talented Jonquil member Sam Scott is a beast, albeit a friendly one. Take note of a full blown Blessing Force takeover in 2011 {Interview}

 Solid Gold Dragons - Serious Lover



I know what your thinking, how the fuck could this song be made by a band that are still in their musical infancy? 'Blue Velvet' has everything, emotion, rawness, and catchy melodies. And that, good people, is why we're fully behind Childhood in 2011.

Childhood - Blue Velvet


 Dirty Gold

The ultimate offering in the 'Beachwave' movement this year. 'California Sunrise' is pure blissed out summer. To boot, the duo have just been signed to Autumn Tone records with an EP available soon.


Weird Dreams

Another one that sounds so good before its time. Weird Dreams make pop music with a lot of edge, 'Summer Black' deserves a spin on a summers day at a very loud level. Also, like Colours and The Vaccines they're London natives part of the Marshall Teller label. Expect a new EP late January.

WEIRD DREAMS - Summer Black


Jamie XX

As the rest of The xx take a well earned break, Jamie continues the momentum with his solo project. Possibly a sign of which direction the group will take with their new material? Who knows. But change for them wont necessarily be a bad thing. Look out also for a Gil Scott Heron remix album entitled 'We're Here Now', due out in February. 

Jamie xx - Far Nearer



Leopald Ross (bassist from The Big Pink) & Ioanna Gika make up IO Echo, who make pop songs with a dark tinge. They've previously opened for just about every relevant artist / band over the last twelve months. Expect some headline shows of their own throughout the new year.


To cut it short, Tamaryn make beautiful, psychedelic dream pop. With their album The Waves out now and with them coming off the back of a recent UK tour, 2011 should see the duo gain some well earned  appreciation.


Foster The People

Foster The People really need to take a leaf out of The Vaccines book and come out with all guns blazing, rather than giving us one of the tracks of the year (Pumped Up Kicks) only to then go all cold on us. Fear not though, as the band have been recording with Paul Epworth (Bloc Party, Maximo Park) and should have 3 new tracks out in January. 

Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks


Colleen Green

Expect that raw, scuzzy, summer lo-fi sound that has been all too popular in 2010 to continue well into 2011. Colleen Green is ready to take the reigns from Best Coast & The Dum Dum Girls. Watch out.

Colleen Green - Worship You


Wolf Gang

Wolfgang may not be everyones cup of tea, but we can confirm his latest release 'Lion In Cages' is safe. Look out for him touring the UK with impressive Naked & Famous in February.


Young The Giant

The five piece from California make epic pop-rock and we're expecting big things (commercially) next year. Their debut album is out on the flesh on January 25th which is followed up by a trio of gigs in London.