New Artist: Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

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Watch out people, we've got a summer hit on our hands. We're a touch slow with these fellas, but my there good. They're from LA and getting massively compared to Peter Bjorn and John and in some case's MGMT, to which we disagree with.

Never-the-less it's some excellent comparisons to gain. The band consists of Mark Foster (keyboards, guitar, lead vocals), Zach "Reazon" Heiligman (MPC - *who according to SGM has recently left the band. Thanks for the heads up*), Mark Pontius (drums), Cubbie Fink (bass, backing vocals).

Keep an eye out for more from these because you surely will, in the meantime check out their site for a few more tracks.

Listen to 'Pumped Up Kicks' below.