Interview: Solid Gold Dragons

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Ok, this one is about a month over due, but its better late than never right? Right. Lets go then.....

Is there anywhere else quite like the creative musical hub that is Oxford? With Trophy WifeChad Valley, Pet Moon, the returning Jonquil & of course Foals (to name but a few) all contributing to the regions vast array of talent. 'Blessing Force' HQ is certainly thriving right now.

"Its dead exciting" says Sam Scott, best known for his keys / bass / horn playing in alternative indie act Youthmovies & nu electro-folk collective Jonquil.

"A lot of my best friends have all started making something new at once and all of it is awesome. The good thing is, it's actually becoming something tangible. We're slowly trying to turn it into a business or a community. We're building a boat for ourselves and that's the idea, starting a support group like the indie samaritans".

On with the music then. Solid Gold Dragons sees Scott venture behind the microphone for the first time. And what a debut it is.

'Serious Lover' is a progressive head nodder that is lead by a wickedly addictive synth / horn mix, added with Scott's deep, unorthodox vocals and the tracks ever so finely tuned percussion.

"I think the trumpet needs to be used with care in indie music, you gotta feel the funk otherwise it ends up Coronation Street as shit"
- Solid Gold Dragons

"It's just a love song really, with a dose of attempted R'n'B arrogance.... tongue in cheek of course" says Sam, who sights the Youthmovies breakup in March as the incentive to put out his own material in the first place...

"It meant I was only in one band and I had more time to sink into something of my own. Jonquil alone wasn't satisfying my desire to croon".

When asked about inspiration for Solid Gold Dragons project, Sam adds:

"I've had the Arthur Russell comparison too much to deny but that is a huge compliment to me, I love his voice and music. Then Fela Kuti specifically for the sort of brass parts he wrote. I think the trumpet needs to be used with care in indie music, you gotta feel the funk otherwise it ends up Coronation Street as shit".


Demos by solidgolddragons

Meanwhile, you can catch Sam & the rest of Jonquil playing these dates...


Monday 15th - Leeds / Nation of Shopkeepers

Tuesday 16th - Liverpool / Shipping Forecast

Wednesday 17th - Sheffield / The Harley

Thursday 18th - Cardiff / Arts Institute

Friday 19th - Oxford / The Jericho Tavern

Saturday 20th - Nottingham / Spanky Van Dykes

Wednesday 24th - London / CAMP


Thursday 9th - The Courtyard / York

Click here for tickets

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