Interview: Hugo Manuel of Jonquil/Chad Valley

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Following on from our first feature with Trophy Wife, we're keeping the Oxford theme running with this one too. Currently moonlighting with his side project Chad Valley, we asked Jonquil frontman Hugo Manuel a few questions about the band and how they're getting on at the minute.

(One For The People) First off, hows it going? We understand your recording some new material, hows it coming along?

(Hugo Manuel) Our studio is looking great and some new guitar parts are being put down as i write. We're having fun being able to record anytime day or night (due to a lack of neighbours) and its allowing us to feel quite unrestricted with our ideas, we're not worrying too much about parts working out straight away so its a relaxed process.

(1FTP) Do you have a new blueprint for future Jonquil work? Or is it pretty much more of the same for you?

(HM) There's a shift from previous work but anyone who has seen us on tour recently should recognise the sound of these songs. In our recordings at the moment we're trying to balance the shift though. We're experimenting with applying our old recording techniques to new songs and vice-versa. A party with substance.

(1FTP) How was the reaction to you guys on the recent tour with Foals? Different audience take kindly to you?

(HM) The crowds were great to us throughout the tour. We had a lot of fun for those few weeks and that seemed to pass over to the audience while we played. its always hard opening for a band with an amazing live reputation but it also means you're playing to an audience that's generally pretty ready and open to connect with whats on stage in front of them, it works both ways.

"We're experimenting with applying our old recording techniques to new songs and vice versa. A party with substance..."   - Hugo Manuel, Jonquil

(1FTP) Oxford seems to be the origin for a great deal of good music, what do you think makes the place so special?

(HM) There is a whole group of friends around us here that are creating some great and really varried stuff. Its probably something to do with there not being many decent places to hang out and everyone of that opinion seems to congregate in the same pub and form bands with each other. its also about there being a desire to reach out beyond oxford; its own music scene is busy but tired and repetative so if someone feels like they have a good idea musically they often try to take it further afield.

(1FTP) Who / What is inspiring you to make music at the minute?

(HM) Our parents. We all wanted to become lawyers but they've forced us to sit in a basement surrounded by lava lamps and a protools rig.

(1FTP) Give us a 'Jonquil recommends' artist....

(HM) Pet Moon. Watch the fuck out for this.

Duly noted and a big thanks to Hugo for his time. We'll, of course, be bringing you new Jonquil material as and when its ready. In the meantime be sure to head over to the bands Myspace to hear a few new tracks including the excellent ''Get Up''.

Jonquil - Pillow Quest

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