Best Of 2010: Newcomers

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As the year draws to an end its that time when we look through 11 months worth of music to bring you the 'Best Of' list. 

The first installment in our ' Best Of' feature is 'Newcomers', which will be followed by 'Best Tracks', 'Best Albums' & finished off with our 'To Watch in 2011' list towards the end of the month.

Tame Impala

If theres a better psych-rock group around at the moment then se'd sure like to hear them. Tame Impala have blown us all away. Just watch this....

Tame Impala 'Lucidity' from The Gingerbread Man on Vimeo.


Male Bonding

Male Bondings extremely lo-fi sound has captured the affection of many this year, not to mention that kick ass video... Hahah!



Viva la girl group in 2010, yet none have made quite splash like Warpaint. Regardless of who they have as friends or former members, these girls are for real. (link) Presents: Warpaint "Bees" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.



Nashville's MONA initially caught our eye with the noise burst 'Listen To Your Love' & since then they've only continued to impress. 'Lines In The Sand' & 'Teenager are also solid gold.  {Interview}


The Pass

"They sound a bit like Passion Pit, but better" - Yeah, these guys are pretty fucking good. Expect bigger things in 2011 too. But in the mean time, click here for more info on them. {Interview}



The duo's balearic style took us all by storm when 'Bermuda' emerged at the beginning of the year. Now, with the success of their debut album & a recent UK tour, they've now got our side of the pond hooked on their infectious sound too. {Interview}



Two words - "Current vintage". Guards' free EP is a spectacular debut, perhaps one of the best of 2010. One of the most anticipated bands of right now, and with good reason. {Interview}

GUARDS - Don't Wake The Dead by 3 Syllables Records



The couple do vintage lo-fi better than most. Look out for a tour in February and a debut album on January 18th. Highlights have been 'Baltimore', 'Marathon' & South Carolina'. {Interview}

Tennis - South Carolina from woodsman man on Vimeo.


Chad Valley

Hugo Manuel's side project from 1FTP fav's Jonquil caught us a little by surprise. His blend of balearic chillwave (beachwave?) has further enhanced his talents as a singer / producer. "Anything" is magical, say no more. (Interview)

Chad Valley - Up and Down by 1FTP



From the lo-fi 'Georgia' to the more somber 'Daughter', Yuck's talents have gained them numerous coverage this year, and rightly so. A full length LP is due February 21st. Needless to say its going to be fu*king brilliant {Link}


Trophy Wife

Oxford Blessing Force scene has been somewhat refreshing this year, with Trophy Wife being the first collective we covered. Infections, restrained disco at its most splendid. 'Ambitionless office disco'... well, you know where you heard it first. {Interview}


The Vaccines

A band that above everything justifies the anticipation around their name. From the infectious 'If You Wanna' to the epic 'Blow It Up' & the pocket rocket 'Wreckin' Bar'. This is only the beginning for The Vaccines, hop on for the ride. {Interview}



Cults mellow dream pop sound has won many admirers this year. And as further proof, if any was needed, they have just been signed by major label Colombia records. Their debut album is one of the most highly anticipated in 2011.


Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments box below....

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  1. I liked oh stereos first one, but I guess it dropped a little too recently to make a lot of the lists, other than that, glad to see tennis and mona up there