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Hailing from L.A couple Jesse Kivel & Zinzi Edmundson first arrived on the scene early in 2010 with the summer anthem that is ''Bermuda''. A deligthful mix of melodic-synth-pop that got us wanting to hear more.

Currently recording and working on other projects such as Jesse's band Princeton, we asked Zinzi a few questions to help us get to know Kisses a little better.

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(One For The People) First off, hows life? We noticed you've been touring a little. How have you found the general reaction to the ''Bermuda'' release?

(ZE) We haven't actually started playing live yet, just DJ sets for the time being. But it's been really exciting to see people's reaction to the single and we hope they'll feel even more strongly when they see our live shows in September!

(1FTP) Can we expect more of the same from you? And speaking of more, are there any updates on the album?

(ZE) 'More of the same' sounds sort of humdrum. Let's just say that we'll keep putting out jingly songs you can dance to, and we'll try to keep it interesting. Nothing definitive on the album yet, we're just firming up details these days, but suffice to say it will be coming out!! And most likely in October.

(1FTP) We often see you labelled as ''breezy'' or ''baleric'', how would you define your style?

(ZE) Those sound pretty good. I sometimes think they're a secretly a little dark. I've heard contemplative (I think? Somewhere?) But there's definitely a summertime recklessness that's really (I hope) enjoyable for people. 

(1FTP) We understand ''Bermuda'' came from imagery of glorious, sunny foreign lands? If I we're to give you a UK holiday brochure and asked you to write a song about it, how do you think it would turn out?

(ZE) We're pretty good at romanticizing just about everything, so while your UK brochure may not seem gloriously sunny, we might be able to come up with a verse or two about Big Ben, or the Moors, or something like that. On second thoughts, a cover of Kate Bush's "Heathcliff" could be delightful.

(1FTP) Hows does being a couple work for you while recording? Are there many arguments? And who wears the trousers in the studio?

(ZE) Jesse's probably the trouser-wearer, since he's got all the experience and he knows what he's doing really well behind knobs and computer screens. I have a lot of opinions and usually know what it is I'm looking for, so that's how that works, I guess. It's sort of up and down depending. We know each other really, really well, so sometimes that can make things a little brutal, but I also thinks it makes things better. I also heard honesty was a good policy, so we went with that.

(1FTP) What's on your iPod at the minute? 

(ZE) I've been on vacation with my parents, so it's more like what CDs have we been playing. We listened to an Everley Brother's best of, Sticky Fingers and Harvest a lot. They didn't like disco back then and aren't sure why anyone does now either. Go figure! 

Fill in the blanks for us..... Kisses are salted caramel ice cream mixed with persimmon pudding with a little bit of ginger beer thrown in.

(1FTP) Tell us a little more about the ''Always leave a little to chance'' phrase. Is it perhaps a reference to the lack of 'unknown' within the music industry these days?

(ZE) It could certainly be that, if that meant something to you. It actually came from a way more literal moment when Jesse's family friend Alec Costandinos was waxing about a fortuitous tuna sandwich. So yeah, it's one of those things that means the right thing during many different "right times".

A big thanks to Zinzi for taking time out & in a fittingly timed manner here is Kisses' brand new track, "People Can Do The Most Amazing Things'', which will be released on August 3rd.

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