Tracks: Interpol - Barricade

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Interpol have just unveiled new single, "Barricade". This is a more upbeat track in comparison to their first track "Lights" which was very melancholic and typically Interpol.

Personally I love this new track, it is more like the tracks from "Antics", which I (controversially) feel is their best work. We also have the details of their new LP which is going to be self titled. "Interpol" is due for release through Matador records on September 7th, here is the track-listing in full:

01. Success
02. Memory Serves
03. Summer Well
04. Lights
05. Barricade
06. Always Malaise (The Man I Am)
07. Safe Without
08. Try It On
09. All of the Ways
10. The Undoing

Listen to "Barricade" here and let us know what your thought are.

**UPDATE: Track removed - listen to "Barricade, here.