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Haling from Nashville, Tennessee, Mona first came to our attention about a month ago now when their track "Listen To Your Love" was first aired on Radio 1. Needless to say we liked what we heard. Old school rock & roll full of raw passion energy and passion. The search for more info on the band however became a bit of a sticking point. A Myspace with no tracks (at the time), absolutely nothing via a Google search yet an they have an active Facebook group with over 1,500 fans. So whats all the fuss about?

We spoke to lead singer Nick Brown to give us all some insight into one most highly anticipated bands around....

(One For The People) For anyone that isn't familiar with MONA, give us a brief run down of who you are and how the band came about

(Nick Brown) MONA as an idea has been around for a few years. But the current line up has been about for around 6 months. We lost one guitarist to rehab and another I had to kick the shit out of because his head just wasn't in the right place. Jordan Young is our current guitarist and he is the best fit so far. He was a friend of our bassist Zach Lindsey. Vince Gard on the drums. And obviously I sing / guitar / keys. I guess the reason I started a band is because I just saw a need for one. A band like The Clash that tried to say something and mean it. There's too much packaged processed bullshit. MONA is trying to just be honest about whatever emotion that song may be about. Whether it's faith or fucking the same thing is needed.... Honesty.

(1FTP) “Listen To Your Love’’ is pretty epic, what’s the story behind that track?

(NB) "Listen to your love" is about dualism. Listen to your love? Or your lover? Sometimes those can be the same thing. Other times not so much. It's the push and pull...

"MONA is trying to just be honest about whatever emotion that song may be about. Whether it's faith or fucking the same thing is needed.... Honesty." - Nick Brown, MONA

(1FTP) Any news on a record deal yet?

(NB) Labels can be the devil, or they can be a champion (once again the dualism). I'm interested in people and a company that doesn't operate by fear. A label that isn't scared of the economy or the robots, but who are passionate about their role. Let's return to the music people! Art is dead, let's breath some life into it.

(1FTP) How much material have you guys managed to record so far?

(NB) I write every day on every instrument. The band meets several times a week as well. We've probably written around 500 songs this past year and a half and recorded maybe 100 of those. But it's the same thing with a girl, you don't fall in love with all of them. You just keep waiting for the perfect one, maybe one day. But until then, if you're lucky, you might have a few nice ones to play....

(1FTP) We’ve heard the King Of Leon comparisons, what are your thoughts on that?

(NB) Kings Of Leon are a great band. I think the comparisons are a compliment. They have had a great career. It's like comparing an NBA rookie to Michael Jordan or maybe Lebron James or a young golfer to Tiger Woods. It's a good place to be when people are using your name in the same sentence as someone who is on that level. But just like the young rookie who comes into the league with dukes up, so we come knowing we will have to prove ourselves and set ourselves apart. So it's a compliment with a bit of pressure. But we gladly take on the challenge.

(1FTP) How would you like things to be for the band in a year from now?

(NB) A year from now I just want to be trying to write the most honest material I can. Any other intentions would be a slap in the face to the beauty of the art. But yeah, in the back of my head I see motorcycles, supermodels, houses, Grammys etc etc. I'm dead serious, & Just kidding.... Once again that fuckin' dualism :) Oh God help us all...

We'd like to thank Nick for taking his time out to speak with us. Now, be sure to check out the sounds of "Listen To Your Love" below. Don't say we didn't warn you.

"Listen To Your Love" (limited to 300 copies) is out on September 9th via Rough Trade

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