Interview/Album Stream: The Pass

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I came across a song called 'Crosswalk Stereo' about year ago now. It was around the same time we began work on 1forthepeople. The track was one of the reasons that enticed me into working on band exposure with 1FTP. The Pass' sound had an undeniably up beat, "loving life", ahead of its time feel to it. I for one wanted more.

Luckily in February they brought us their Colors (would be spelt colours if they used correct English, jokes) EP featuring 'Crosswalk Stereo' and then came their debut LP 'BURST' featuring a variety of unbelievably fresh tracks such as 'Vultures', 'Treatments of The Sun', 'Trap Of Mirrors' and 'Criminal' we featured the video for the later yesterday if you didn't see just click the link.

Recently we had a chance to throw Will Roberts from the band a few questions and here is what he had to say.....

(One For The People) First off, give the good people of the UK, Peru, Chile and anyone anywhere else that's following 'One For The People' an insight into who The Pass are and how they came about.....

(Will Roberts) We are a grizzly looking, nomadic group of musicians who like to throw parties and provide dance type music. It started as Kyle and I writing some songs on a computer and we later tricked Brian and Neil into forming a band to play some shows.

(1FTP) I heard Crosswalk Stereo in about November last year and we actually included it in a post we did on "not so well known bands", was the track the foundation on which you recorded your LP? basically did you think 'lets carry on in the same vein and make extremely catchy feel good music'?

(WR) We had a couple of goals in mind with the new album. We wanted to up the production value on BURST and utilize some resources that we didn't have available to us on the first EP. But..... yes....I would say extremely catchy feel good music was definitely involved in the writing process.

"It was between that concept or a dragon with magical powers who develops a friendship with the band and flies us to space." - Will Roberts, The Pass

(1FTP) You recently made a video for the 1FTP CN track 'Vultures', the video included a competition concept in which clues to the names of 30 music blogs were hidden in the video, how did the idea come about for this?

(WR) I think we just wanted to do something that wasn't of the norm with a music video. And when you are on the road, you have plenty of time to brainstorm ideas. It was between that concept or a dragon with magical powers who develops a friendship with the band and flies us to space. So........after considering production costs we went with the blog idea.

(Video for 'Vultures' containing visual hints to 30 online music blogs)

(1FTP) Define what you consider your style to be....

(WR) Pop for the year 2013

(1FTP) How do you feel BURST has been received? happy?

(WR) Its still tough to tell because its only been out for about a month but.....I think its going over really well, were definitely happy with the response its gotten so far.

(1FTP)What do you hope to achieve from the release of 'BURST', any plans to hit the UK?

(WR) We would love to play the UK! We would also like to play the rest of Europe and South America. If BURST allows us to do that, I think it was a success....

(1FTP) What's next for you guys?

(WR) Tour, tour, tour. We want to hit the road pretty hard. We like being a live band and after 6 to 9 months of recording, its about that time. 

(1FTP) Any other good acts can you recommend from Louisville?

(WR) VHS or Beta and Nerves Junior.

(1FTP) What are you currently listening to?

(WR) A lot of old school Michael Jackson because were doing a tribute for Halloween. That is some hard shit! Also, we just played with a band Sunglasses in New York that was pretty rad, check em out..

(1FTP) Fill in the blanks for us.....

(WR) The Pass are Ritchie...mixed with..Kraftwerk..with a little bit of...Karl Malone...thrown in.

We will leave you with a stream of the guys relatively new LP 'BURST' and would like to say a big thanks to Will for taking the time out. We look forward to speaking again.