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Last week we brought you the epic list of newcomers from this year, missing a few I'm sure but you can't please everyone. You also don't want to be doing ridiculous lists such as, 'The Top 100' sending everyone to sleep by the time they get to 50.

This week is the turn of 'Best Tracks'... no set figure... no ranking... just literally the best of the best this year.

Best Coast - Boyfriend

Bethany Cosentino's Best Coast all but started the chill-wave movement in the mainstream this year. Some would call it noise pop other would say something else, but we prefer 'Beachwave'. But one thing is for sure, this track cemented her place in our list as soon as it met with our ears.


Tame Impala - Lucidity

Psychedelic Rock at it's finest, the Aussie foursome have took the world by storm this year and will be featuring in almost all of our lists. We could easily have chosen 'Solitude is Bliss' instead of Lucidity but we are only having a single track per artist. This video is up there in the video's of the year too...Enjoy.


Foals - Spanish Sahara

Another brilliant showing from the Foals on their second attempt. Stand out track from 'Total Life Forever' was always going to be 'Spanish Sahara'. A slow and muted beginning gives way to an absolutely epic battle to an end. Never has a song had such depth and story like entertainment levels. What doesn't this track have? You tell us, were dieing to know.


Here We Go Magic - Collector

"I've got a mild fascination", catchiest lyrics of the year? I think so. If you haven't heard this you will be very confused at the moment, but give it a listen and you will soon know. Here We Go Magic have found themselves in the realm of childlike charm and feel good positivity with 'Collector' and we salute them for it.


Caribou - Odessa

Caribou has blown dance music out of the water this year, way back in January this monster of a track was impossible for us to miss. Giving a warm yet ice cold feel, the track can leave you in a trance like state. Caribou in general has had a brilliant year on all levels and don't be surprised to see his LP 'Swim' popping up in our 'Albums' section....


Delorean - Stay Close

Back in March, Delorean hit us up with a hint of what we were to expect in the summer, Balearic beats galore with 'Stay Close'. Other than 'Spanish Sahara' by Foals, this track can leave you wanting more...


Deerhunter - Desire Lines

Deerhunter crept up on everyone in July with the release of 'Revival', we then got treat to 'Helicopter' but the best was never to be released. 'Halcyon Digest' album track 'Desire Lines' is the pick of the crop and it goes into over drive on the three minute mark, you just don't look back from there....



MONA - Listen To Your Love

We've championed Mona from the start, July to be precise. Giving Kings of Leon an excellent run for their money. Touted by everyone as "One's to watch for 2011", they have been ones to watch from the word go in our book. 'Listen To Your Love' is explosive from the get go, you just need to turn it up...


Kisses - Bermuda

Balearic beats were a theme of 1ftp's summer and Kisses are no different to Delorean, we love them both equally. 'Bermuda' is the track that got us hooked, with album and single releases behind them now, 'Bermuda' has finally been given a video. Staying fresh for summer 11....


The Vaccines - Wreckin' Bar

HYPE BEAST'S 2010! It's not really a tag that's in demand. Most artists would cringe at the thought of it but The Vaccines have talent in abundance and they proved that to us on a muggy night in Middlesbrough. We were one of the first to pick up on these guys, whether the useless 'Hypemachine' says so or not. The Vaccines' hype is justified, just try and get this out of your head! Check our recent Interview with Justin also.


Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

HYPE TRACK 2010! Another tag that's not really wanted by artist's. But they have it, this song was all over the blogosphere in 2010 and rightly so. It's infectious charm and catchy chorus are all it needs to get by. Simplicity at it's finest... Will we hear more from these guy's in 2011?



Trophy Wife - Microlite

For the record, our band of the year. Trophy Wife brought something new to the table with 'Microlite', their cover of Joanna Newsom is sublime and we expect a lot more from the guys in 2011. Music at it's best, without constraint and always experimenting. Read our interview....


Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Bright Lit Blue Skies

What a project this turned out to be. Our pick of the bunch though and its not hard to see why. It takes us back to summer and gives us a sense of well being. Does it you?


Wild Nothing - Golden Haze

Another surprise this year....Dream like lo-fi with some added 'Beachwave' sounds. What more could anyone want? soothing and mellow yet wouldn't fail to cheer even the most down human.



Guards - Resolution Of One

This years best kept secret..... Guards are upon us and they aren't playing games. 'Resolution of One' by Follin's Guards was a hard decision because the EP is simply sublime to say the least. Watch out people! And be sure to read our Interview


Crocodiles - Mirrors

Another psych rock gem from Crocodiles, 'Mirrors' is yet to be released, but maybe it will be? A slow start but it's worth the wait as it bursts at the seems into anthemic portions of goodness.


Childhood - Blue Velvet

Who? Never heard of them? Well you will do! We decided to include a relatively unknown artist for all you people living under your rocks (Just playing) These guys slapped us in the chops with this track a few weeks back and we still cant get enough. 'Beachwave' people take note!


Vondelpark - California Analog Dream

Vondelpark might be in another of our lists? I wonder which one? Vondelpark stink of originality and will continue to do so into the very near future. We can't wait....


Chad Valley - Anything

Another one to watch for 2011, apparently, although Hugo has been pretty prominent in our lives this year as part of Chad Valley and as part of the equally brilliant Jonquil. This track is definitely on a par with Delorean and Kisses' Balearic tracks of 2010... Check our Hugo Manuel interview...


Blood Red Shoes - Heartsink

A bit more of a heavy touch in our list now with the grungy sounds of Blood Red Shoes, our personal favourite 'Heartsink' is ridiculously aggressive and described by the band as "a pop song that we tried to destroy from the inside out"....


Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

Possibly the most easy to pick of the bunch in term of quality music. The track does exactly what it was made for, which is to represent the nostalgia of growing up in the suburbs, the sheer emotion of the track carries across unbelievably when played live.


Crystal Castles - Baptism

Upon release of Crystal Castles' second LP 'Crystal Castles II' we were hit with 'Celestica' followed by 'Baptism' and more recently the superb 'Not In Love' Re-work featuring Robert Smith of The Cure. Sadly 'Celestica' and 'Not In Love' either didn't have the legs or came too late for us to pick it over Baptism, never the less all three are outstanding....

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  1. Thank you for your picks. Heard some fantastic tunes here that I might have missed!