New Artist: Guards

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Today we have a new band for you, in the shape of Guards, we're not the first by any means but wow these guys are good!

Not too much is known about the band. What we do know, is the band blew up when the news broke (Cults putting out a tweet) that Cults were featuring on a new song from a band called, Guards. The rest seems to be history and the future seems to be rosie. Heres an excellent quote from the bands (recently signed to) record label, 3 Syllables:
 "The truth lies in the fact that intrigue in this very day and age with the immediacy of social networking is still as relevant as it has always been inside the music industry."
"Cause a stir, then a buzz, a maelstrom will surely then ensue. BANG! - we have the next big thing, right there, on your laptop, iPod or iPhone before you even know what hit you. Imagine if Marty McFly in Back to the Future opted to wig out on Earth Angel instead of Johnny B Goode. If so, the resulting frenzied prom doom waltz could have been sound tracked by GUARDS."
That statement couldn't possibly echo our feelings on the, "nowadays", music industry more. The more people who recognise this the better the music we will start hearing. Bands need exposure! money driven radio and television can't provide it, that's why the likes of 1FTP are here and that's what drives us.

We leave you with some tracks from the new EP, 'GUARDS EP', including the track with Cults and a new track courtesy of Oh and the Guards debut 12″ will be available from November 22 on 3 Syllable Records.


New Track: