New Artist: Cemeteries

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Isn't it nice when you some across something totally unexpected? While on a random new music search we happened to stumble upon (not the website) an artist by the name of Cemeteries.

Cemeteries is the project of the multi-talented Kyle Reigle, who hails from Buffalo, New York. Apparently taking influences from the likes of Beach House, Grizzly Bear & Deerhunter to name but a few.

This month saw the release of a brand new virtual 7" containing two tracks, 'Brighter Colours' & 'Living Alone' - here.

Cemeteries - Brighter Colors

But its the album (which is free may I add, although you can opt to pay if you like) Speaking Horrors, which was released on October 31st, that we want to focus on today.

To put it bluntly, its a collection of 10 tracks that have gazing guitar riffs, sparse vocal melodies and deep, thudding percussion (well, the opening two tracks anyway). We'll call it 'Beautiful darkness' if you will.

Heres a quote from from Cemeteries Bandcamp page:

"A collection of ten songs about ghosts, both literally and figuratively. Lock the doors and turn all of the lights off." We recommend you do just that.


Also, check out this retrospective (albeit unofficial) video from Youtube user PissChaps for track 7 'Young Blood'...

And stay tuned for more in 2011.