New Music: King Krule - The Noose Of Jah City

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It was a while back now (and we don't just mean in Internet days) when we wrote about little Archy Marshall, aka Zoo Kid, and his debut "Out Getting Ribs" track.

Fast forward to the present day and here we are, a new name - King Krule - and a new song entitled "The Noose Of Jah City", which is to be released by True Panther sounds (Girls, Delorean etc etc) on November 11th. You can grab a copy here.

As for the track itself: Who would of thought a simple drum pattern would prove so affective? It steadily chips away while letting the kid Krule's vulnerable east end vocals take affect. It's somewhat of a grower, and there'll be plenty of time for that, as the boys not going anywhere, anytime soon. Listen below.

  King Krule - The Noose of Jah City by truepanther

*EDIT - New video by photographer Jamie-James Medina