One For The People Presents '3' - A 3rd Birthday Album

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Wow, three years sure has gone quick. But anyway, we're delighted to present '3', a compilation of 17 brand new songs from an array of artists. Compiled over the past couple of months, the album is available to download via our Bandcamp page as a 'pay what you like' deal (sweet right?). You can stream the full thing below, and continue down to read a short bio on all the artists involved.

Until next year, thank you.

01. Gorgeous Bully - Kidding (Feat. Rebecca Lima of Whorish Boorish)
Now located in Manchester, Thomas Crang is the main man behind Gorgeous Bully. With a full band assembled too, their most recent gig was described as 'a moment in history'. Not bad going, eh? "Kidding" features the subtle and quite beautiful vocals from Rebecca Lima, aka Whorish Boorish.

02. Slowcoaches - Tummy Bug

The bands first material since their We're So Heavy EP in March, Leeds trio Slowcoaches continue to deliver their own blend of fiery and concise post-punk. The latest track, "Tummy Bug" (written about 'a boy that gets impregnated by an alien'), takes their current sound to a more considered place, as they say so themselves.

03. Sisterland - Sneer

Part of the Oxford based Blessing Force collective, Leicester trio Sisterland make some of the most hook friendly, scuzz laden noise-pop around. There have been various tracks we've praised before (count them, 1, 2, 3,), and "Sneer" (recorded live no less) follows suit and then some. Awesome.

04. YOOFS - Welcome Home

Now two brothers operating out of sunny Bournemouth, YOOFS have come on leaps and bounds since they released their first set of demos (see the previous "Hazy Dayz" for a proper introduction). "Shady Acres" is the latest single (stream it here) from the bands forthcoming debut album, & "Welcome Home" reaffirms just why we think it will be frighteningly good.

 05. Poledo - Everyone's Down

With the Dinosaur Jr similarities already aforementioned, Evan Clements and his Poledo project make lo-fi noise-pop with racy, grunge-like riffs. See Poledo's first EP for some more examples, including the sublime "Laura Palmer Is Dead" (Yep, Twin Peaks) from June.

06. Psycho Horses - Roma

French soloist Lucie Brismontier is quite literally every aspect of Parisian garage-pop outfit Psycho Horses. With a distinctively playful edge, the grunge-like tendencies intertwine with Lucie's ever evolving songwriting skills. See previous tracks here & here for further evidence.

07. Wild Smiles - Get Off My Back

Wild Smiles, aka Chris Peden from Southampton, records at a furious rate. Not content with a recent EP, this track is his second new one in a week, and of high quality it must be said. Perhaps the best way to look at Wild Smiles is to take note of a recent comment about his previous track "You Don't Really Care About Me", which reads: "finally a band with some balls". And yeah, perhaps they're right.

08. VLAD - Captain Scarlet (remastered version)

After releasing their first set of demos earlier this year, VLAD - yet another Bournemouth inclusion - have been busy in the studio perfecting their latest set of recordings. While they will see the light of day in the coming months, the re-jigged "Captain Scarlet" should help tide you over for now.

09. Honeyslide - Sugar Routine

"Sugar Routine" is the first new material from Honeyslide since the London quartet released their self titled debut EP over the summer. Delicate and gorgeously layered, the track has a slight shoegaze edge that helps it merge into the sweetest and most contagious of alt-pop territory.

10. Yuno - Untitled

Formerly known as Unouomedude, young Yuno is another prolific song writer whose craft is only improving over time. With a Kickstarter campaign now funded (this track - which wasn't previously available online - is taken from his recent 'Covers, Rare, Old, Unreleased & Demos' collection), his highly anticipated debut LP 'V' will be available in the new year and promises to be a real classic.

11. Astronauts, Etc. - Mystery Colours (Joel Hood remix)

This rework is a real 'hand in glove' situation. On one side, Anthony Ferrero's Astronauts, etc have been one of the most blogged about artists over the summer of 2012. And rightly so. Here though, north Yorkshire soloist Joel Hood adds his own delicate touches to craft a new, dream-dwelling soundscape which brings these two fantastically talented artists together.

12. The Soft - Venus Breath (Abe remix)

While young Bury St. Edmunds group The Soft are away working on their follow up to last year's Hot Summer EP, Sheffield trio Abe - whose forte is fast becoming the re-work - have added their own delectable touches that build on the originals head spinning atmospherics.

13. Tezeta - Backwards

What once was sole work of Toronto native Joe Roth is now a fully evolved band. With the trio working towards new material (find Roth's first solo efforts here & here) "Backwards" is the first of a new batch of tracks. Get ready to add Tezeta to a list of Canadian's like Grimes, Mac Demarco & Austra.

14. Wanderlings - Denim Soaker

Over the course of 2012, Nottingham based five-piece Wanderlings have continually enforced their undoubted ability for creating some of the most delightfully melodic pop-songs around. Nonchalantly cool and highly infectious too, this is yet another example of their talent, as the line goes: "denim soaker, leg stroker".

15. Blue Boats - I Am The Only One

Since releasing his debut single "Summers Down" last month, film student Olly Gale isn't doing badly at all. From earning radio play at BBC 6 Music no less, (and not to mention a case of almost perfect timing), new track "I Am The Only One" is another dose of blissful, summer tinged-pop that retains an almost effortlessly nostalgic touch.

16. Swiss Alps - VHS Test

Ever since "Riptide Lore" - the debut from Philadelphia's Swiss Alps - the band have been consistently producing finely structured, lo-fi recordings that are nothing short of delightful. "VHS Test" is another that emphasises the bands distinctively melancholic feel while still being wholly relevant in today's ever diverse musical climate.

17. Hazey & The J's - Any Joy

Hazey & The J's are perhaps the 'newest' act on the album. Their debut outing - "It's Fantasy Man" - was a surprisingly assured epic six minute journey. Be it no surprise then that this cocksure lot have provided us with something like "Any Joy". A testament to the bands creativity and diversity, it serves as a perfectly fitting curtain closer.