New Artist: The Soft - Tropisms

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"The Soft are a three-piece electronic outfit that make accessible, malleable, danceable music" - Yes, yes they do.

Coming from Bury St.Edmund (that's approximately here, by the way), the three piece arrived on our radar unannounced earlier today. And, before the play button had been hit I sensed good things. Their influences are listed as Tame Impala, Flying Lotus & Wild Nothing (amongst others) after all.
"Tropisms" in particular kind of sounds like your going crazy, and we mean that in the nicest way possible. The repetitive samples are unforgiving, but they get wrapped up in a swirl by the tracks soft, warming grasp. You know, it's almost happy music for the heartbroken. Maybe you'll even shake a hip to it?

Below you can stream "Tropisms" - our fav from the Hot Summer EP - then head over to the bands Soundcloud page to sample the rest. And, just when you thought things couldn't get much rosier, its only free to download too.