New Artist: Psycho Horses - The Youth

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Despite its many, many floors, the beauties social interaction via the Internet is a truly amazing thing. And when your making some random sounds in your parents garage on a Sunday evening, who would of thought that a week or so later there would be people half way across the world typing about 'how they love it'? I bet Parisian act Psycho Horses didn't for one.

The rest of French soloist's - or group maybe (that bit isn't quite clear) - material is fairly raw to say the least. More recently though, "The Youth" shows some really solid song writing dexterity. With the vocals being rather unorthodox to say the least, it produces a racket that could only be achieved by a 12 year old girl singing through a seriously crappy microphone who had accidentally turned the reverb settings up to 10. Well, perhaps not, but what is does add up to is a seriously catchy piece of garage styled grunge-pop that has slight similarities with Brighton's Gross Magic.

Watch the horse themed video for "The Youth" below, grab the mpfree over here.