Tracks: Yoofs - Shady Acres

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Ever so pleased to announce that Bournemouth's Yoofs will be another band who are contributing to our third birthday compilation next week (24/10), and to get things going before then, the duo are showing off new tack "Shady Acres", from their forthcoming debut LP.

As premiered on Fake DIY this morning, the track is further evidence of the bands song writing craft. Following on from the blinding "Hazy Dayz" back in February, their garage-pop sound is clearly evolving into something far more expansive.

Hear "Shady Acres" below, and check back for another new one next week. Yoofs' debut LP will be released in the new year. Awesome.


  1. Okay. I don't want to sound like a naysayer because i do like some of there stuff. But i happened to catch them playing the DMA and it seemed like a shambles. My old band got through the first round and they didn't. And my band were awful. But whenever i see a review it heaps praise on them.Why is this? Is it the fact that there so young or just that they're "garage".

  2. All bands have bad days. good or bad, we need to be encouraging young artists not complaining about their age or genre.