New Artist: Lazyeyes - Nostalgia / Forever

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Guitar bands tend to get a bad rep nowadays, but there's nothing like it, is there? A group together, collectively in sync and confident within themselves. And that, funnily enough, is exactly the impression we get from Brooklyn four-piece Lazyeyes and their new track "Nostalgia".

Based around the most addictive, sunshine sprinkled riff you're likely to hear anytime soon, "Nostalgia" is a driving piece of unashamed, sweet surf-pop in it's very finest form. "Forever" (which is also a free download), on the other hand, steers away from the "ouuu's" and all round niceness, and instead chooses to place the emphasis on the bands thrashing guitar work. And it clearly benefits from it, sounding like a mash up of your favourite shoegazeish bands that you just can't quite put one single finger on.

Both tracks are taken from the bands forthcoming EP, hear them below. Big things beckon, no question about it.