Interview: Yuno

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Florida native Yuno, aka Uno Yu-no, fka Unouomedude, has been steadily making music in his bedroom for the past five years or so now. First attracting attention with his Marsh EP back in 2010, the  young soloist, who has since outgrow his previous moniker of 'Unouomedude', then followed up with the fuzzy dream-pop single "Frequency" a year later.  

His recent Kickstarter campaign (which has raised over $2,000 so far towards his debut album 'V') has an ultimate target of $4,500 which will help with tour costs also. Basically Yuno is asking the you, the general public, to invest in his vision. Based on the evidence we've seen so far, lets just say that it would be a smart move to do so.

Ever improving his craft over time, young Yuno is a certainty when coming to (however premature) 2013 ' ones to watch' lists. Below, he discusses the reasons behind his campaign, his diverse musical style and even that Rebecca Black video. Read on for more....

(One For The People) First off, your recent Kickstarter campaign. How did that idea come about? And how you feeling now it's completed?

(Yuno) For the last two years I've been trying to make a record. I kept running into the problem of not having the right tools to make the sounds I want. I got a new guitar and that helped a lot but there are other instruments and gear that I need to make the sounds in my head. Also, I when I record, I don't think about how I'm going to play the songs live. It took me a while to figure out a live show. I still don't have a lot of the things I need to play a live show, though. I saw some of my friends doing Kickstarter projects and realized that it's a good way for people who want me to play shows and make a record, and to support me and help make it happen while getting things in return. I didn't expect to get this far so soon! I'm glad it's actually something people are interested in.

(1FTP) What plans and ideas do you have in mind for 'V'

(Yuno) There will be a lot of different styles of songs on it. That's kind of natural for me. One of the instruments I really want is a steel drum, so hopefully that will be on 'V' too. I just want it to sound pretty and be fun. The sound of the songs on 'V' will kind of depend on the Kickstarter project. If I'm able to reach my ultimate goal of $4,500 and get a new computer, then I will have a lot more freedom in the sounds I can make. Now I've reached my $2,000 goal will still be able to improve some things and make a record I wouldn't have been able to.

Maybe one day I'll find a particular sound, but right now this is just the way I am, I guess. - Yuno

(1FTP) From the set of your most recent tracks there is a definite split between the experimental electronic side ( see"Disneyworld" & "Thingamajig") and the more traditional, guitar based jams (see "Frequency""Sunlight"). Are you still finding your intended sound, or are those purposely different entities?

(Yuno) I just don't really think I have a particular sound. I listen to a lot of different types of music, so I end up making different types of music. I feel like everything I make falls under 'pop', though. The two things I know how to make music the best with are a guitar and a computer, so I usually combine the two, but sometimes one has a bigger role than the other. Maybe one day I'll find a particular sound, but right now this is just the way I am, I guess.

(1FTP) Speaking of "Sunlight", that track is almost perfectly summer sounding. How did it come about?

(Yuno) There is this thing I've seen people do in music videos where they stick their hand out of the window and to this wavy thing that looks kind of like a dolphin swimming. The girl in the front seat in Rebecca Black's "Friday" video does it. I wanted to make a song that sounds like that hand motion in slow motion I guess. So I was looking at photos and came up with the guitar riff and built it from there. The song is basically just about wanting to hang out with someone or go somewhere when you're bummed, but you just can't be there.

(1FTP) Which current bands / artists are you fond of?

(Yuno) My favourite record so far this year is "Swing Lo Magellan" by Dirty Projectors. I've also been listening to Big Baby Gandhi, Unicorn Kid, and Mykki Blanco of late.

(1FTP) Over the past five years of making music, what are the most important things you've learnt? 

(Yuno) With music I've learned to try and do everything myself because it's usually easier. I try to be patient when trying to figure out how to do things, and to stop working on a song if it isn't flowing right away because I know I won't end up finishing it.

(1FTP) And finally, if all goes to plan and you receive enough funding to make V, where do you hope to see yourself this time next year?

(Yuno) Hopefully just playing shows for people all over the world. Oh, and working on a new record too!

You can contribute to Yuno's Kickstarter (which includes thank you gifts in the form of a custom made t-shirt and hand written letter, amongst other things) fund here, which closes on September 15th. Hear the recent "Sunlight" below.