Tracks: Yunō (Unouomedude) - Disney World

12:26:00 Wayne 0 Comments

Seeing as though 2k11 is the year of the side project, it seems only fitting that we bring you another one today. This time its Florida native Uno Yu No, or Unouomedude if you will.

Uno hit us with with CN track "Frequency" back in March, and now has his very own side project in between regular recordings as 'Yunō'. With little else to go on for the time being we'll leave it to the man himself to sum it up:

"This is the first song from my new side project, Yunō. It’s based off of a reoccurring dream I’ve been having about going to Disney World. The artwork also represents the dream. I’m not sure exactly  what this project really is, but it’s fun."

The sound is an obvious change up, opting this time for a upbeat, sunny synth laden instrumental approach. We look forward to more. Stream it below and follow the link to download for free.