Best of 2013: Ones for 2014

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In this end of year list, we highlight our ten best talents to make a 2013 debut on One For The People and we're expecting more in 2014.

Every year without fail we trudge through the cesspit of fresh, new and sometimes horrific music - that's maybe not the case for every site but it certainly is for us. This is where our Ones for 2014 list comes in and most of the time, these acts breakthrough two or maybe three years down the line. This isn't a list for commercial or even independent success, it's simply a hat-tip to the best One For The People debutant(e)s we've seen this year, with undoubted potential and originality - hopefully they'll raise their game in 2014.

Catch the full list below. See you on the other side.


'Guitar music is dead' - or some terrible humans would have you believe. But fear not, good people, it's absolutely not. So, all we need is one idiot at Radio 1 to relax with the female singer / songwriter love and before you know it, bang, bands like BLESSA are right where they should be. Let "Between Times" be your introduction to what should be an exciting 2014 for them.

Royal Blood 

It wouldn't be right if we didn't unfortunately agree with Radio1 about one of their dreadful line-up (basically they're going to play them so look out) of acts to look out for in 2014. That's not completely fair on Royal Blood though and to the contrary, they're not dreadful, in fact they're rather great. The Brighton duo came to our attention during this years Beacons Festival (do we name drop Beacons too much?) and we can vouch for their raw power. Debut track "Out of The Black" caught more than a small bit of attention and the duo will sail into 2014 on the crest of it's raucous wave.

Ben Khan

Let's just say that Jai Paul better do something soon or young Ben Khan is going to steal his crown - that's for sure. After showing initial signs of potential with his first two tracks (and in particular the golden "Eden"), his latest effort "Savage" confirms that his confidence is growing at an extremely rapid rate. And that in itself is exciting indeed, 'BBC sound of' list or not.


Paradise came to the fore - come to think of it, I'm not sure many will remember or have noticed - back in 2011 with their debut track "Luella"; man that seems like a long time ago. Now, off the back of some smaller scale festivals such as favourite Beacons Festival and the release of latest track "Stars Shine Bright", we're finally in a position to say "damn these guys are good, you should expect more of their electro-tinged indie rock next year".

Los Porcos

Depending on whether or not their comprising members (Tom McClung, FAMY, Ménage à Trois etc) want to focus on other projects, Los Porcos could undoubtedly take their disco-funk carnival up and down the British Isles (and, of course, festivals too) to much applause. Remember, they still only have one release under their belt thus far, and they've not even broke into a sweat.... yet.


Provoking another rant, BASECAMP came about seemingly from nowhere but, man their well produced neo r&b/soul is sweet. There's still no a whole load about on them other than some member names and stuff, but what's most intriguing about BASECAMP is their music and how it can progress. It would be all too easy to just say, "oh yeah I think these guys are going to be big in 2014" and leave it at that but it's not the reason we've included them. We've included BASECAMP due to the fact we're not 100% sure what their sound will progress to and it's what interests us the most.


In theory, 2014 should see Florida duo SALES follow contemporaries Purity Ring and their dizzy ascent to left field acclaim. Another with a single release to their name (and lets not forget "EZ" from out birthday album '4.',) come to think of it, they might even be better placed on the 2015 list. But hey, time will tell. Either way, more music please!


When we first heard "March Hare" back in September, we were completely besotted. There's not an abundance of UK music out there touching on past bands like Slowdive and Echo and The Bunnymen - seemingly Australia is teeming with them. It's rich in riffs, reverb and bass and for that reason and that reason alone, we're waiting with baited breath for more music and hopefully 2014 will give us something even better.

Kerou (Ellery James Roberts of Wu Lyf)

The other half of Wu Lyf, if you will, Ellery James Roberts' solo reincarnation came over the summer with this maxamalist (naturally, he doesn't do half hearted) track, sounding as possessed and powerfully backed as anything his previous band put out. So while the disco pigs are playing around on stage, it's very much the same for 'Kerou', which isn't a bad thing whatsoever.

Flyying Colours

Australia's Flyying Colours' take on MBV-like reverb drenched psych/shoegaze is an absolute delight. Debut track "Wavygravy" set the wheels in motion and since then the band have gone on to release their debut EP, and if we were to put together a top albums list, it would be in it. The band also contributed a track to our 4th Birthday compilation and with a full length waiting in the wings were pretty confident you'll be hearing more from the Melbourne four-piece.