Introducing: JLYY - Glass Drum

15:07:00 Unknown 0 Comments

With little to nothing out there on JLYY other than a Youtube video and a tumblr page, we give you "Glass Drum".

Speculation will no doubt rise on the meaning behind the name and the whereabouts of its individuals, but mystery aside, we have one very intriguing piece of music. Forget the video, that's dire but obviously meant to be.

"Glass Drum" is a dark and misty number, heavy on reverb and angular guitars with surprisingly clear vocals. The latter you wouldn't really expect with the nature of these kind of mystery tracks as they usually have little to no vocals and if they do, they're typically unfathomable. It's a breath of fresh air to hear a bit of clarity albeit not loads and it works well with the tracks atmospherics.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, theres a long way to go yet.