Tracks: Francis Lung - A Selfish Man

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Former WU LYF bassist Francis Lung is at it again with his first official single, "A Selfish Man".


As one of the more vocal members of his former WU LYF and after a fairly heated discussion on torrents, it became apparent to us that Tom McClung was brimming with love and passion for his craft and it was no surprise that he went solo. "A Selfish Man" is now a 'proper' start point (it's not really) for Francis Lung and we're expecting more music and expansion to come.

"A Selfish Man" couldn't be further from the days of WU LYF and to be fair he's never been close, especially considering the likes of "Age Limits" from last year. He does carry over more than a few Los Porcos hinters though and if anything, sounds like a more mature and gentle Porco. Whatever your tastes, McClung will definitely have something in the bag for you sooner or later.