Introducing: School - SoLong

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Swedish four-piece School stroll into the class of 2014 with "SoLong", a guitar-pop debut worth remembering....

I'll admit, this isn't what I expected. Initial thoughts were: Scandinavian + female soloist and voila, you get another ubiquitous export for some 'tastemakers' to hype up. Happily, that turns out to be wrong, quite wrong in fact, as School's debut single "So Long" is a much more interesting prospect altogether.

The (naturally) gorgeous vocals from leading lady Alice Botéus put a delightful Scando twist on the likes of Sea Urchins, Wild Noting or DIIV, if you will. That springing bass jumps around the track as if possessed by Andy Rouke himself, and clocking in at under 3 minutes, it's one of the best guitar-pop debuts you'll find anytime soon.

"SoLong" is out digitally now via Gothenburg label Luxury. Jump in below.