Tracks: Francis Lung - Age Limits

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However randomly, I've been listening to a lot of Wu Lyf 's Go Tell Fire To The Mountain this week. So this, the first 'proper' material from former bassist of said band (and Los Porcos member too) Tom McClung aka Francis Lung, comes as a more than welcome surprise.

With glimpses of MGMT and Grizzly Bear in the mix, "Age Limits" is a slowly swaying, intoxicated swirl upon first glance. But once left to simmer it's soon apparent that there's some raw spirit under the surface that screams out with the vigour of his previous jaunt. "Age limits", he snarls, "have you been lucky?". This, indeed, is definitely 'heavy pop'.

Faeher's Son may be an album or even an EP, but either way, it' 'coming soon' and should be highly anticipated. Watch the video for "Age Limits" below, as shot by friend Jamie Allan.