Tracks: Francis Lung - You Know

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Image via Pitchfork
So remember Wu Lyf played a track called "Brooklyn Girls" a few weeks back as part of they're Maida Vale BBC session? That saw bassist Tom McGlung take over the vocal responsibilities, yeah? Well, turns out that wasn't exactly a one off thing.

The band recently posted a link to bassist Tom McClung's own jazzed up Tumblr page for his side project: Francis Lung.

Consisting of seven demos (some of which are covers, see Ottis Redding / John Lennon) it's safe to safe that you wont find any roaring Ellery Roberts esque vocals here, far from it in fact. What McLung, sorry Lung, produces is far far more mellow than any WU track could ever be. They're quite delicate numbers, filled with out pouring emotions that are propelled in a much subtler way than his primary bands output. Yes they're obviously infantile at this stage, but you can see the potential here, right?

Listen to Cults diss "You Know" & "Age Limits" below, then head to his Tumblr page to hear the rest.