Tracks: Willis Earl Beal - Too Dry To Cry

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Willis Earl Beal has unveiled "Too Dry To Cry", another track to come from his upcoming LP, Nobody Knows, and it's strangely sex driven.

In typical fashion, "Too Dry To Cry" boasts blues, soul and gospel elements that only help to heighten his dark and earthy tones. Hand claps are there for all to hear and are starting to become a real trademark. The track isn't the first to be heard from Beal's new album, as "Everything Unwinds" f eaturing Chan Marshall (Cat Power) leaked at the back end of July.

Boasting lyrics like, "In my one-room shack, you know we can't go wrong. I got nine hard inches like a pitchfork prong, so honey, lift up your dress and help me sing this song." Beal's obviously looking to up the anti on Nobody Knows, which is out September 10 on XL imprint, Hot Charity.