Tracks: Mode Moderne - Baby Bunny (Free Download)

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Just a few days since they dropped their last track, Mode Moderne are back with new single, "Baby Bunny".

"Baby Bunny" isn't one of those trick tracks that lure you into a false sense of soft security. The track personifies a giant pillow busting into a cloud of feathers - yes, it's that soft and notably about as soft as you'll get from the typically melancholic Mode Moderne. 

It's a pleasant switch up in style and having heard their upcoming Occult Delight LP, the band to and fro from light and airy pleasantries to more dark and droning numbers - catering for more than one type of music lover.

Occult Delight is set for release on January 21 through Light Organ Records - grab a pre-order here. You can also grab a download of "Baby Bunny" below; just click on "Download" at the base of the Soundcloud player.