Best of 2013: Ten Tracks

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In this end of year list, we highlight what we consider the ten best tracks featured on One For The People this year.

Never ones for singling out, this end of year list will be in no order and won't be crowning any single track - instead we'll celebrate artists who've created brilliant, stand out pieces of music without the need of commercial funding and marketing campaigns. There's an abundance of ignored and painfully under-rated talent kicking about and in the growing age of SEO marketing and keywords, a lot of once celebrated blogs and sites have chosen to go keyword hunting, rather than looking after the little men/women and we refuse to be a part of it. So below are the best of the best little men/women tracks of 2013.


Merchandise - Anxiety's Door

Merchandise's follow up record (EP, LP, whatever you want to call it) might of been less direct than its predecessor, yet raw gems like "Anxiety's Door", yep all (almost ) 7 minutes of it, shows off the bands sonic romanticism in abundance.


Phantogram - Black Out Days

The Saratoga Springs duo of Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel stepped things up a notch in 2013 with the release of their self-titled EP and promise of a new (February 18) LP. Of the tracks featured on their Phantogram EP, "Black Out Days" stands firm as one of their strongest to date, giving yet more evidence the duo are going from strength-to-strength in their trip-hop niche with slim to no competitors. Here's to 2014.


Los Porcos - Do You Wanna Live?

The excitable supergroup may seem like a direct opposite to WU LYF, yet here they are, making half laughable, danceable disco with 100% feel good vibes all season round. It may just be a bit of fun for them, but it's effortlessly perfect nonetheless.


OUTFIT - House On Fire

Liverpool's Outfit returned in 2013 and it was their second track, "House on Fire" that had our ears pricked. It's hard to pinpoint one thing that makes the track so brilliant; OUTFIT are one of the only bands out there at the minute who can make a track that's intrinsically dance and give it depth, class and catchiness all-in-one.


SALES - Renee

Simple, stripped back, beautiful. SALES floated their way into the world over the summer with this joyous breeze, proving that sometimes, just sometimes, less can actually be a whole lot more.

BLESSA - Between Times

Being a tad late on Blessa, we wasted no time lauding them with as much praise as possible and rightly so because the band have produced the best song released in 2013 and that's no exaggeration. "Between Times" has everything; its bright and exuberant exterior magically cloaks its gritty and gloomy undertones. They're from the North, they're produced by MJ, Olivia Neller's vocals are sensational. It's quite literally the most beautifully balanced, vibe drenched track we heard all year - truly magnificent!


EAGULLS - Tough Luck

Leeds' post punk sons have had a storming end to 2013. "Tough Luck" is perhaps a perfect way to introduce them to a stranger. It's undeniable, uncompromising noise, yet it's fully rhythmic and palatable - a brilliant mix and definitely something to build on.


Local Natives - You & I

You won't come across many bands more capable of making the hairs stand on your neck - especially live. Local Natives do and while they're still not the finished article, there's no doubt that "You & I" is one of their greatest songs to date. Vocally it's bitter-sweet, musically it's entrancing and once again, their music purveys seasonal elements to perfection.


Jai Paul - Str8 Outta Mumbai

'Jai Paul-gate' remains a talking point of 2013, with the album tracks leaking rather suspiciously. Amongst the muddied demos was perhaps Jai's most commercially approved track yet, "Str8 Outta Mumbai", where his smooth vocals and futuristic samples meet Bhangra nights on acid. (click on the bar below, it will play - promise!)


Unknown Mortal Orchestra - So Good At Being In Trouble

Probably the earliest 2013 release of the tracks we've featured and it's by no means been forgotten. UMO woke us up from our post-xmas slumbers and January woes we're softened with the sounds of Ruban Nielson deliciously mellow and nostalgic vocals. It's so unbelievably hard (sounds like a UMO song title) to hate it.