Tracks: OUTFIT - House On Fire

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The resemblance was always there but it seems things are getting a lot heavier and a lot more Hot-Chippy on Outfit's latest track, "House On Fire".

In our case this would usually be a bad thing but what Outfit manage to do that Hot Chip don't, is do things with a bit of panache and class, constructing tracks that can be addictive and catchy without losing their mood and most importantly, aren't annoying as f**k. "House On Fire" is the perfect example. Try removing the chorus from your head, you'll fail.

On a side note, Outfit simply can't put a foot wrong at the minute, I mean how unbelievably good was this song and video?

"House On Fire" is set to feature on the band's upcoming debut LP, Performance, which is out August 12 on Double Denim. Pre-order it here.