Introducing: Jaguar Cub - Deep Ends / Kennedy Heart (Free Download)

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Born out of the remains of Boscombe trio Bos Angeles, Jaguar Cub come up trumps with two stellar debut tracks

Once of Boscombe's blog loved trio Bos Angeles, George Rothman has upped sticks (quite literally in fact, he was the drummer) to Brighton and has some new material of his own under the name Jaguar Cub, along with new bandmates Ben, Chris & Giles.

First track "Deep Ends" provides a quick witted rhythm, with thudding bass and beautifully off kilter, almost drunken vocals that echo out 'I could just be something more, if I wasn't so unsure'. Other side "Kennedy Heart", on the other hand, is a hazily zapped, sparse swirl of fuzzy psychedelia, perfectly providing everything you would normally need for a 'one to watch' tag in the forthcoming year (actually, let's say 2015...). It's just a shame then that guitar music is 'out of fashion' these days.... HA. HA. HA.

Listen below and download both tracks for free here.