Introducing: Mode Moderne - Strangle The Shadows

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Vancouver dream-poppers Mode Moderne return with latest song "Strangle The Shadows" from upcoming Occult Delight.

It's fair to say we missed the boat on this one - for about 3 years actually - but Mode Moderne return with "Strangle The Shadows", their latest and second track to come from upcoming LP on Light Organ Records, Occult Delight.

Apparently Smiths and Joy Division fans will be gushing at this latest track - we're not really in agreement there, especially on the Joy Division front but then again, every Tom Dick and Harry with a liking for Facebook pages just loves Joy Division - don't they? Man we're getting cynical with age...

"Strangle The Shadows" sits far more comfortably with the likes of Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils in their ever widening pigeon hole. "Strangle The Shadows" is nothing new and plays out like every other melancholy-based dream-pop jam, only vocalist Philip Intile's lovesick puppy-dog drone is brilliant, absolutely brilliant - more please!