Tracks: Phantogram - Fall In Love

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Phantogram unveil "Fall In Love" the third track to come from upcoming sophomore LP, Voices.


Voices - Phantogram's upcoming LP - is already our most anticipated album of 2014 and I can categorically say, if we we're to compile a best of list for albums, it would already have a place reserved for next year - thus is the immense quality of the first three tracks we've heard.

You'd think such an isolated sound, most typically compared Portishead and rightly so, would struggle to find a fan-base but therein lies Phantogram's strengths. The duo's styling caters for a variety of different music lovers, from fans of old school hip-hop to lovers of dance and electronic and everything in-between. The elements fuse together in perfect symmetry, forming something not necessarily original but something altogether refreshing.

"Fall In Love" begins with a beautifully delicate and ornate string loop but wastes no time bursting into it's trip-hop skin. The seemingly imbalanced and crowded cluster of elements merge into one cohesive entity, sending the heart rate pulsing in a three minute plus barrage on senses. Voices is released February 18 and you can peep the track-listing beneath the audio.

Voices tracklisting:

1. Nothing But Trouble
3. Fall in Love
4. Never Going Home
5. The Day You Died
6. Howling at the Moon
7. Bad Dreams
8. Bill Murray
9. I Don’t Blame You
11. My Only Friend