Tracks: The Black & White Years - Strange Figurines

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The Black and White Years go all soppy for their latest track and album title, "Strange Figurines".


Currently sailing on a wave on positive energy following the self-declared affirmation of their niche, Austin, Texas' Black And White Years have dropped the title track to their upcoming LP, Strange Figurines and it's a tear jerker - kinda.

The track tells the story of a friends plight - falling in love with a taken girl. One that's seemingly unhappy in her relationship and without official confirmation, may or may not feel the same about said friend. All very soap-like, but all the same it's a very real issue... Listen below to get the gist.

Strange Figurines is set for release on January 21 through Modern Outsider Records. Grab a pre-order here and download this track for free over at Official.Fm.