Tracks: Phantogram - Celebrating Nothing

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Phantogram have dropped "Celebrating Nothing"; another track from their recently released self-titled EP and it's also set to appear on their upcoming LP, Voices.

This Phantogram track is a lot more mellow and easy going than previous track "Black Out Days" and in a way works as a balance. "Celebrating Nothing" floats along to the rhythm of it's heavy bass-line; it sounds strangle to include float and heavy in the same sentence but it truly does work. Once again we're left with an other-worldly feeling, only this time it's with a sombre sense of detachment from everyday realities.

On a day like today - with the abundance of vibes - it would only be right to throw a moody track into the mix and "Celebrating Nothing" is certainly that. Grab a copy of the Phantogram EP over on iTunes.