Introducing: BLESSA - Between Times / Bloom

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About a year later than what we should have been, we're finally introducing Sheffield five-piece BLESSA, their upcoming single "Between Times" and its b-side "Bloom".

BLESSA are yet another example of the musical quality that exists north of the border, amidst the glum and darkened skies, town houses and apparent acres of desolate land (according to Lord Howell) so fresh and available to be fracked the s**t out of. If BLESSA's music is anything to go by then you'll no doubt be left with a different impression of the North; soaring anthems filled with a heavy romanticism that recalls the elusive yet constantly copied pop-styling of The Cure.

"Between Times" / "Bloom" we're both recorded, produced and mixed by Hookworms supremo MJ; the single is out on November 11 via No Self Records and you can grab a pre-order from their Big Cartel.