Tracks: Paradise - Stars Shine Bright

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London's Paradise have come a long way since we first introduced them back in 2011 with "Luella" which has since been removed and re-released - they're now set to release new track "Stars Shine Bright" through Dirty Bingo Records.

Since we first mentioned them they've released insanely good "Blue Flower"; a cover of 70's avant-pop group Slapp Happy and followed up their debut with Chronic Youth Vol.2; now they're prepping the release of "Stars Shine Bright"/"I Can Feel Your Love" on November 18.

"Stars Shine Bright" is in a similar way to "Blue Flower", outrageously feel-good, taking you to a whole new level of happiness. It's not all flowers and sunshine though as it possesses some seriously funky guitar licks and an echo that goes a way to halt the tracks descent into common cheesy garden variety indie-pop.

Grab a copy of "Stars Shine Bright" via `Dirty Bingo.