Certified New Mixtape: September 2013

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My god, putting together these mixtapes is getting harder by the month and I think it would be easy to say that the future of Certified New Mixtapes is looking fairly bleak. The world of free downloads is getting less and less fruitful as bands are discovering they can make a small amount of money from self-releasing on Bandcamp; something we're huge fans off too, of course.

In future, Certified New Mixtapes may turn into stream only format, which is something that has been on the cards for a while now especially with the rising popularity of streaming through smart phones and tablets. Becoming a streaming mixtape will help in two ways; one, it will make the content of the streams much higher quality and two, it will minimise the chance of us getting done for any copyright infringement for allowing tracks to be freely downloaded. All in all, it's a win/win situation.

This month saw the rise of Yumi & The Weather and Grudle Bay, the re-emergence of Glaciers, FFNOORDZZ and Wild Smiles, the reincarnation of a Holograms member (IBV) and the death of Hoop Dreams (RIP). All in all, it's been delightful yet grim; here's to October.


01. FFNOORDZZ - Pop Stardom
02. Wild Smiles - The Hill & The Sea
03. Yumi & The Weather - Must I Wait
04. Hoop Dreams - Knife Fights
05. Glaciers - Wolves
06. Grudle Bay - Colder
07. IBV - Hesitation