Introducing: Whistlejacket - March Hare

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Sometimes the anonymity card isn't really the case for bands looking to make a name for themselves via our beloved online medium, more so that nobody's bothered to ask them who they are; they usually have an email address don't they?

In the case of London's Whistlejacket, I couldn't really give a shit who they are, I just want to listen over-and-over-and-over. "March Hare" yes-yes-yes, my ears have been depraved of the psychedelic shoegaze which had me hypnotised during the emergence of Australian sound-a-likes Flyying Colours. "March Hare" is Slowdive meets Echo & the Bunnymen, it's dark, it's got a rich bassline, it's got outrageous riffs, a grungey solo; it's unbelievable! Listen to it below and we can be besotted together.